[TYPO3] lots of open DB connections

Another Vision info at anothervision.co.uk
Fri Feb 17 11:44:22 CET 2006

Great, thanks

I'll wait and see if they notice the difference!

Out of interest, anyone know why _pconnect is the default? Should I worry
about changing to _connect ?


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Another Vision schrieb:
> Hi List
> I've had a request from tech support at a host who runs a Typo3 site 
> (version 3.7) saying that there are lots of DB connections left open, 
> and can I make sure the php script/s are dropping the connection...
> Where should I look to check/change? Or do I need more info?
> Thanks
> Mike
> PS Sorry if this is all documented in the archive, but I can't get 
> access at the moment.

search for p_connect in the install tool.
change it
restart apache to kill the current connections

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