[TYPO3] Lots of open DB connections

Another Vision info at anothervision.co.uk
Thu Feb 16 20:45:15 CET 2006

Thanks Dmitry. 

I'll look into the install and probably leave it at that since you say their
PHP should recycle the connections.

I can always look smart if they come back to me by telling them what they
should already know : )


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Another Vision wrote:
> I've had a request from tech support at a host who runs a Typo3 3.6 
> site saying that there are lots of DB connections left open, and can I 
> make sure the php script/s are dropping the connection...

Strange that it bothers them. Connections will be reused by PHP when
necessary. This question from them does not look very prefessional too me...

Anyway, you can put a code to close connection to the very bottom of
index_ts.php (which index.php on the root level). It should look like:


and you should check install tool that you do not use persistent
connections. This code is a hack and I do not recommend using it. Leave it

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