[TYPO3] Partial menu generation

Jeppe Vesterbæk jhve02 at control.aau.dk
Thu Feb 16 11:23:11 CET 2006


>Try setting
>temp.menu_doc.entryLevel = -1
>And then remove the special part of your menu, as well as the conditions..
No, that will not do the trick. Example:

- Page ID=1 (level 1)
- Page ID=2 (level 1)
    - Page ID=3 (level 2)
    - Page ID=4 (level 2)
          -Page ID=5 (level 3)
          -Page ID=6 (level 3)
	  	-Page ID=7 (level 4)
		-Page ID=8 (level 4)
-Page ID=9 (level 1)

Say I'm on page ID=6 right now. Your solution gives:

-Page ID=7 (level 1)
-Page ID=8 (level 1)

But what I want is to be able to define my menu root. So if I say ID=4 
is root, my menu should look like:

- Page ID=4 (level 1)
	-Page ID=5 (level 2)
        -Page ID=6 (level 2)
		-Page ID=7 (level 3)
		-Page ID=8 (level 3)

or if I say ID=6 is my root, my menu should look like:

-Page ID=6 (level 1)
	-Page ID=7 (level 2)
	-Page ID=8 (level 2)


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