[TYPO3] .htaccess and RealURL

Johannes Reichardt typo3 at gramba.de
Thu Feb 16 01:44:08 CET 2006

Just upload it and see what happens, if you run into trouble just rename 
and edit it. Don´t worry.

- Johannes
> Hi,
> My first Typo3 is up and running although it's still empty.  I have not figured 
> out how to import all my HTML pages into Typo3 yet. 
> Anyway, my problem now is that I have installed RealURL without testing it 
> thoroughly because of the .htaccess.  It works fine on my Windows machine 
> but I have not changed my .htaccess on the server because I don't wish to 
> mess up my site.  I'm not an Apache/Linux expert and that's why I hesitate 
> to go ahead.
> I installed typo3 4.0 Beta on the root.  I use index.html to access my HTML 
> site and index.php for Typo3.   At this time my .htaccess has the code to 
> preclude hot-linking images only, so have no problem to disable it for a 
> while.  My question is in what extend might the suggested .htaccess affect 
> my site.  The site is medium size (some 20,000 archives of all type) and 
> a WordPress blog in its own dir.
> Question:  May I upload the suggested .htaccess without compromising my site 
> or should I take some precautions?
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