[TYPO3] What typo3 can do without write my own code

Fabio ex Typo3 n00b email at email.tld
Wed Feb 15 15:20:38 CET 2006

Andreas Balzer ha scritto:
> Hi! It's hard to work with Typo3 as an admin at the beginning, but after 
> a short period of time and with a good server, it makes fun. Well.. With 
> the new extension Cal you are able to use a calendar like that. (Cal is 
> currently Alpha, and in development, but should be Beta soon)
> Well, it's possible to create an oscommerce too (but i don't know how) 
> but the big problem with all these extensions is, that most of them are 
> not linked very well in the Typo3 BE. (Extension 1 does not know what to 
> do with things of Extension B)
> I hope it helps you
> Andreas

Thanks but Im looking for a "list" of more general cases where 
typo3+extension will be applied with success without "big" problem and 

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