[TYPO3] TemplaVoila page selector

Jacob Hammeken jacob at wildside.dk
Wed Feb 15 10:29:38 CET 2006


I am trying to select a datastructure/page template object from a typoscript 
template, as I would rather not use the page template selector manually. 
Without TemplaVoila, I would do it like this:

plugin.tx_rlmptmplselector_pi1.defaultTemplateFileNameMain = slideshow.html

I have looked at the TemplaVoila 0.4.0 source, and it does not seem to get the 
current page template object from anywhere but the pages table. The page 
template selector for TemplaVoila seems to be part of templavoila and not 
rImp_tmplselector, as it was still there when I uninstalled 
rImp_tmplselector. What I am looking for is something like this, where the 
number is the uid of the template object:

plugin.tx_templavoila_pi1.templateObjects.main = 4

Are there any typoscript options for the TemplaVoila userfunc? I cannot seem 
to find any in the object browser or documentation.


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