[TYPO3] A skin problem

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Tue Feb 14 21:29:38 CET 2006

Peter Russ wrote:
> tapio schrieb:
>> Hi
>> this cause bad rendering and difficulties to control layout
>> in class.tx_cms_layout.php
>>                             // If only one column found, display the 
>> single-column view.
>>                         if (count($colList)==1)    {
>>                             $dblist->tt_contentConfig['single'] = 
>> 1;    // Boolean: If set, the content of column(s) 
>> $this->tt_contentConfig['showSingleCol'] is shown in the total width 
>> of the page
>> $dblist->tt_contentConfig['single'] = 1;  
>> should be
>> $dblist->tt_contentConfig['single'] = 0;
>> for better controlling the layout.
> Hey tapio,
> could you post this into bugs.typo3.org and explain why a boolean value 
> of FALSE should be better than TRUE. Is this a feature request?

partial - I don't like at all the the layout is different, if only one 
column has been found because it cause more layout problems than solves.

But I don't have any idea, where this has been set and if it would
be possible to set some configuration to disable the change.
I made for my own purpose an extra condition - if 'skin_grey' has been 
installed, that change would *not* be done.
I know that this is not very smart solution - endeed I have made also 
another skin_grey-related issue to my plugin (when the BE interface 
control is optimized for this skin).  Because Lasse Norby owns the right 
of 'skin_grey' I can't upload a new version of that skin.

Maybe this is some kind of autoconfiguration issue and there is not at 
all user defineable configuration?

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