[TYPO3] Contact form select between 4 recipients?

Peter Russ peter.russ at 4many.net
Tue Feb 14 16:37:33 CET 2006

Xander Damen schrieb:
> Try naming the dropdownbox "to_email"
> "Marcel Trichét" <matri at freenet.fr> wrote in message 
> news:mailman.1.1139856141.3778.typo3-english at lists.netfielders.de...
>> Hi all,
>> I want to have a contact form where I can select from a dropdown box the 
>> recipient.
>> To get a dropdownbox no prob with standard contact form, but how to have 
>> different email adresses the contact form is sent to, when seected the 
>> recipient in Dropdown?
>> Any hints?
>> Thanx
1) As build in TYPO3
For security reasons recepients are hashed with 
$TYPO3_CONF_VARS["SYS"]["encryptionKey"] by default. This is set in the 
install tool. If you want 4 different recepients to select:

1) Create form as usual.
2) set recepient
3) preview the form
4) out of the source code get the recepient hash
5) redo for all recepients 2)-5)
6) change recepients field type from hidden to select and provide the 
appropriate values.

This is the TYPO3 secure but not very userfriendly version as you have 
to redo it when changing the $TYPO3_CONF_VARS["SYS"]["encryptionKey"] 
:-( or your form will NEVER arrive.

2) If you more experienced in PHP and TYPO3:
a) remove any hashing of the recepients in INSTALL - OPEN for SPAMING 
with out further mechanism, but YOU KNOW WHAT YOU DO!
b) provide only the name of the email w/o url, e.g. peter.russ
c) either you make a short ext or add it directly to localconf.php
	check if a form is sent
	add the url to the  recepient, e.g $recepients.'@4many.net'
	or provide a map table/array
d) doing this in a small(!) ext would make it TS configurable.
Hopes that helps.

Regs. Peter.

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