[TYPO3] background image

Bjarne HELLIGSOE bjarne.helligsoe at tiscali.fr
Tue Feb 14 11:10:36 CET 2006


I have made my templates as described in the follwing document:
(Modern Template Building, Part 1)
And I have inserted the following code to my templates. Every time I want to 
change background images I changes the filename, and the background change 
in my column2.

*************code before***************

temp.pageStyle = TEXT
temp.pageStyle.value = background.jpg
temp.pageStyle.wrap = TD.Column2{background-image: 

*************code in between***************

# Main TEMPLATE cObject for the HEAD
temp.headTemplate = TEMPLATE
temp.headTemplate {
    # Feeding the content from the Auto-parser to the TEMPLATE cObject:
  template =< plugin.tx_automaketemplate_pi1
    # Select only the content between the <head>-tags
  workOnSubpart = DOCUMENT_HEADER
  subparts.DOCUMENT_STYLE < temp.pageStyle

************* code after this***************

In my stylesheet for column2 I have the follow styles:

TD.column2 {
 background-position:top left;

But I think it is a good idea to take a good look in the Modern Template 
Building, Part 1

Regards, Bjarne 

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