[TYPO3] Create new page in FE-editing mode?

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Mon Feb 13 17:27:49 CET 2006

Bjarne HELLIGSOE wrote:
> I am doing that via the "ADMIN PANEL" (section "editing") in the bottom of 
> the pages. Only visible when your are logged in as backend user.

> is there a way to create a new page by using TypoScript only? For
> expample: BE user is logged in, does frontend-editing and has a
> button/link to create a new page inside (in the menu 1 level below) the
> current page? How is it done?

You must create your own edit panels.
Admin panel is recommendable for admin users only.

[globalVar = TSFE : beUserLogin]
newpage = COA
   10 = TEXT
   10.field = title

newpage = COA
newpage {
# title uses stdWrap as default - it must redefine - otherwise links 
don't have at all link texts!
   10 = TEXT
   10.field = title

   20 =TEXT
   20.value = <table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"><tr><td>

   30 {
     #newRecordFromTable = pages
     allow = new
     label =

   40 = TEXT
   40.value = </td><td class="newpagelabel"><span 
style="color:black">&nbsp;&lt;-&nbsp;Create new 



temp.menu_1.2 = TMENU_LAYERS
temp.menu_1.2 {

    CUR < .NO
    CUR {
    ATagBeforeWrap = 0
    allWrap =  <div class="topnav1_cur cur">  | </div>
    stdWrap.cObject < newpage

If you install my plugin, 'tm_contentaccess' you get an extra toolbar on 
the bottom of the page, which has for example this option.

The link 'Create a new page' has option to make the new page as sibling 
*or* a new page inside - that is a wizard.

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