[TYPO3] GMENU and wrapping text

LaPointe, Matthew MLaPointe at venterinstitute.org
Mon Feb 13 05:09:26 CET 2006


I have created a vertical GMENU. It works as expected, though I can't
figure out how to add a condition where if the text is longer than the
fixed width image, it wraps to the next line and grows the vertical
height of the image to allow for the wrapping.

Here's a visual of the graphical menu buttons:

This is fine:
| Menu Text      |

Here's where I am having a problem:
| Some Menu Text Goes Here |

This is what I would like to be able to do:
| Some Menu Text |
| Goes Here      |

Here's the typoscript I am working with:

lib.menu_left = HMENU
lib.menu_left.entryLevel = 1
lib.menu_left.1 = GMENU
lib.menu_left.1 { 
  special = list
  special.value.field = uid
  NO {
    wrap = <div>|</div>
    backColor =  {$sectioncolors.color3}
    XY = 163, 34
    10 = TEXT
    10.text.field = title
    10.fontFile = fileadmin/fonts/MAIAN.TTF
    10.fontColor=  {$sectioncolors.color5}
    10.align = right
  RO < .NO 
  RO.10.fontColor =  {$sectioncolors.color5}
  ACT < .RO

Thank you for any help.


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