[TYPO3] 3 Columns in 4 languages

Kerstin news at riverecho.ca
Fri Feb 10 23:18:08 CET 2006


There must be an easier way than this (I hope).

I have a 3 column layout and do the content in 4 languages.  I first do the 
content in the default language.  In "Page" > "Column" view, I create 
content for all three columns, but it only shows me the content of "Normal", 
i.e. the centre column, not the left or right.

I click on "Languages" and say "Make new translation of this page".  So now 
it displays the Normal column in 2 languages and all content elements were 
copied over, including images. I just have to translate.

But it doesn't do the same for the other columns.  I have to recreate the 
columns manually.  Or I go to "List" and copy and paste, but the elements 
land in the "Normal column and I have to change them individually to the 
other column(s).

Another problem:  if I choose "All languages" under "Type", the elements 
don't show up at all.

Any suggestions?



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