[TYPO3] input Form help!!

Rob De Vries spam_this at pandora.be
Fri Feb 10 15:29:54 CET 2006

you can try the mailformplus ext.
it can store all you data in the db and you can export a csv.

Also, Dmitry was helping you. He told you how to look for information on 
TYPO3.Maybe he could have helped you by telling you can do a search in 
the ext. repository.

your respons wasn"t realy friendly neither.
This is a friendly community, and sometimes you can get a not so 
friendly respons. Pls just ignore that and don't do the same back. 
People do that already to often in the real world

Also, one of the "rules" of this list is to use your real name.
pls change this in your news reader. You will get more respons this way 
(some people don't even respond to 'batman' - 'babydoll' or - 'rob-ot'.

and before I forget, welcome !

Rob-ot  ;)
(aka rob de vries)

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