[TYPO3] input Form help!!

SKLIG webmaster at sklig.com
Fri Feb 10 10:13:30 CET 2006

> SKLIG wrote:
>> Please go gentle I am new to typo3
> Dmitry wrote:

>Welcome! Even if you new to typo3, probably you are not new to your web
> browser. It means you still can search extension repository on typo3.org
> for a suitable plugin :) It requires only web browser, not typo3
> knowledge :) Be searching you can find the best thing that suites your
> purpose (which you know better than anyone).
> Dmitry.

Thank you, thank you Dmitry, am I enlightened!!!, as if I hadn't tried that, 
but thank you for making me appear stupid.

Hopefully there are others on the list that actually do help people without 
the obvious sarcasm.

However, I did take your advice and tried again with no luck. Can you take 
advice? Try to help, don't sit back there like some faceless god, and scold 
us less knowledgeable. <smile>


 need to make a petition.

It will need the persons name, profession, location, and email.

I was thinking of trying to make a form, but a form sends a mail.

What I need is the input to be put into a textfile one entry on a line.

i.e.  myname, electrician, Doncaster, bla at bla.com
      myname2, doctor, Basel, bla at bla.com

I would appreciate your help

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