[TYPO3] RTE: TSConfig suggestions for improvement

Michael Cannon michael at cannonbose.com
Thu Feb 9 02:11:07 CET 2006

Are there any suggestions for improvement on this RTE  
TSConfiguration? I have rtehtmlarea 1.1.0 installed in Typical mode.  
Tested with Typo3 3.7 and 3.8.1.

The configuration below pulls in classes from CSS if  
RTE.default.contentCSS is set. Next, allowed tags can contain  
whatever attributes they want. In other words '<br clear="all">' is  
allowed. I know this isn't XHTML compliant, but not all clients will  
become up to date.


RTE.default {
	contentCSS =
	allowTags (
		a, abbr, acronym, address, blockquote, b, br, caption, cite, code,  
div, em, h1, h2, h3, h4, h5, h6, hr, i, img, li, link, ol, p, pre, q,  
sdfield, span, strong, sub, sup, table, thead, tbody, tfoot, td, th,  
tr, tt, ul, center, font, strike, u

	# Markup options (htmlArea RTE only)
	enableWordClean = 1
	removeTrailingBR = 0
	removeComments = 0
	removeTags =
	removeTagsAndContents =
	ignoreMainStyleOverride = 1
	useCSS = 1

	# Show all applicable class selectors available in the style sheet  
file (htmlArea RTE only)
	showTagFreeClasses = 1

	# Match these items to  
"TCEFORM.tt_content.header_layout.removeItems" list
	# below
	hidePStyleItems = address

	hideButtons = formatblock, fontstyle,fontsize, subscript,  
textindicator, emoticon,showhelp, about
	toolbarOrder = removeformat, copy, cut, paste, undo, redo, bar,  
blockstyle, bar, bold, italic, underline, textcolor, bar, linebreak,  
left, center, right, bar, orderedlist, unorderedlist, outdent,  
indent, bar, line, insertcharacter, bar, image, link, table, bar,  
chMode, spellcheck, about, linebreak, toggleborders, tableproperties,  
rowproperties, rowinsertabove, rowinsertunder, rowdelete, rowsplit,  
columninsertbefore, columninsertafter, columndelete, columnsplit,  
cellproperties, cellinsertbefore, cellinsertafter, celldelete,  
cellsplit, cellmerge
	showButtons = *

	disablePCexamples = 1

	proc {
		dontConvBRtoParagraph = 1
		keepPDIVattribs = align,class,style,id,xml:lang
	 	allowTags < RTE.default.allowTags
		allowedClasses =
		removeTags < RTE.default.removeTags
		removeTagsAndContents < RTE.default.removeTagsAndContents

		entryHTMLparser_db {
			keepPDIVattribs = < RTE.default.proc.keepPDIVattribs
			allowTags < RTE.default.allowTags
			removeTags < RTE.default.removeTags
			removeTagsAndContents < RTE.default.removeTagsAndContents

			tags >
			tags {
				br.allowedAttribs = class, clear, style

		HTMLparser_db {
			# Strip all attributes from these tags
			noAttrib =

# Remove link images
RTE.classesAnchor >
RTE.classes >

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