[TYPO3] russian / cyrillic : Problems with graphical text

Matthias Mark foren at matthiasmark.de
Wed Feb 8 19:44:41 CET 2006

> I think you simply do not have proper fonts to use with GD/FreeType
> library. There was information somewhere on the lists how to install
> them, try searching.

The cyrillic text is generated correctly (e.g. with arial.ttf included in typo3) when I am using the default BE charset. But then I have the characters displayed as П in the BE. 
The wrong characters are only generated when I switch in the BE-User-Setting the language to russian.

But I think it's better to use utf-8 so the BE-User doesn't have to switch the BE-User-language to enter his text.

> You do not need to set database charset to utf-8, only BE and rendering
> charset should be utf-8.

I tried it and changed parts of  the existing content with convert2utf8. It worked fine. But I still have to adjust it to other extensions.

Will there be problems in case  the mysql Version is changed on the server (/transfered to another server) from now mysql-4.0.25 to a higher version where different language-codings are possible or is it unimportant that the content is now stored as utf-8 in the mysql-4.0.25 default language coding (I think it's iso...)?

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