[TYPO3] FIXED Re: MySQL error: 'Got error 127 from storage engine'

Matthew Manderson matthew at manderson.co.uk
Wed Feb 8 17:30:01 CET 2006

> sys_template is your *own* templates  which has some bug - use
> the phpMyAdmin and find what template is buggy and fix it then

Thanks Tapio,

phpMyAdmin would not let me browse the table, the error was : errno: 145
repair database table

So I used the msql command promt and ran:

mysql> repair table sys_template;
| Table              | Op     | Msg_type | Msg_text |
| typo3.sys_template | repair | status   | OK       |
1 row in set (0.11 sec)

Great the table is all fixed and TYPO3 is back up and running.


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