[TYPO3] Downsize all images when uploading

Jo Schneider typo3listmember at typo3cms.info
Wed Feb 8 15:55:45 CET 2006

Martin Rud wrote:

>Hi list,
>Is it possible to make TYPO3 downsize all images as soon as they have 
>been uploaded? I.e. that all images gets max-width = 400px
>What I aim for is that the "source image" is downsized so the server is 
>not filled with large 1MB images taken with digital cameras.
>Martin Rud

Don't think so. It is not implemented in TYPO3. But it would be possible 
to insert a function that processes the pictures at upload I guess. 
Would be a cool extension, because the regular BE User would not have to 
care about file size.


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