[TYPO3] Frontend editing: copy and paste content elements?

Martin Bless m.bless at gmx.de
Wed Feb 8 15:53:10 CET 2006

 tapio wrote:

>You are using TemplaVoila, I presume.

No, I'm not.

>Using the normal page module there is also the button 'insert after'.

Yes, but I'm looking for "copy this element" and "insert copied
element after".

>1) you can have in backend AJAX-based possibility to move content 
>elements from one position to another - no need to use up/down arrows or 
>copy/pase - *fast and easy*. Great thanks to Máximo Cuadros Ortiz from 
>Spain. Compared with AJAX-supported Columns view TemplaVoila is glumsy.

That sounds interesting. Is it an extension? Usable already?

>> Is there a way to add the copy & paste functionality?

>Ask Robert if he has time to implement it. I can offer you excellent 
>frontend editing using the standard page module.

With "copy" and "paste" (e. g. "insert after")


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