[TYPO3] Characterset weirdness

Nikolas Hagelstein hagelstein at hauptsache.net
Wed Feb 8 14:53:20 CET 2006

> add "SET character set UTF8" after mysql_pconnect (check 
> mysql website)
yes it is my plan also ;)

But i still got the problem that i am not able to import 
the dump.

I guess the problem is the following:
When exporting the dump  names are set to utf8 while db table
is set to latin1 (mysql default). Imho this makes mysql convert
the content of latin1 fields to utf8. In common with typo3 the problem
is that there are already utf8 chars inside latin1 fields (e.q.bodytext
which look
unreadble when examined with phpmyadmin).
These get "double encodet" which may cause problems during importing the 

What do you think?


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