[TYPO3] Default Content Element, also in subpages

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at fm-world.ru
Wed Feb 8 14:14:18 CET 2006


Sven Wagenhöfer wrote:
> Imagine this situation:
> You have a sidebar on your site, and have many many pages with the same
> sidebar content element(s), but only some with other content - and here
> the default content should not be shown, but the specific element.
> Now, I am searching for a way to do this with Typo and TemplaVoila. It
> should be possible for the editor of a page to define an element as
> "STandard". and then to override this ob subpages simply by putting
> another element there.
> Does anyone have an idea for this or even a plugin which does such things?

Create two content areas in your template (one for content, another for
side bar, see FTB). For the sidebar use <stdWrap> in DS to specify
default content with "ifEmpty" condition.

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