[TYPO3] Characterset weirdness

Nikolas Hagelstein hagelstein at hauptsache.net
Wed Feb 8 13:32:17 CET 2006


What is the correct DB/typo3 setup for a mulitlingual
site (chinese/russian)?
I am currently using force backend/frontend to UFT8.
DB collation is set to latin1.

Everthing works fine except that i am not able to
export/import DB dumps.

After importing a mysqldump (import/export via shell)
some of the "excotic charaters" (e.g chinesse) are
brocken and displayed as ?? in FE/BE (notice: only a few chars are brocken,
all. Most of them - even the chinese ones - are displayed correctly)

mysql 4.1.13

Could anyone please clarify things?  



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