[TYPO3] Frontend editing: copy and paste content elements?

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Wed Feb 8 11:37:14 CET 2006

Martin Bless wrote:
> I love frontend editing. When I turn on the "edit panel"
> ("Bearbeitungsleiste") below content elements I get icon buttons to
> [edit,move,hide,new,delete]. That's great.
> What I'm missing: [copy,paste]
> Having to copy whole content elements often is the only reason why I
> have to switch to the backend.

 >ith "paste" I mean "insert after".

You are using TemplaVoila, I presume. In the standard page module this
is not a big problem - you have arrows to move content elements up/down.
Using the normal page module there is also the button 'insert after'.

The standard page module has much better frontend editing possibilities
than TemplaVoila. This is the reason, why I don't use TemplaVoila!

In overall using the standard page module it is much easier to get
fine editing possibilities - IMO much better than using TemplaVoila.


1) you can have in backend AJAX-based possibility to move content 
elements from one position to another - no need to use up/down arrows or 
copy/pase - *fast and easy*. Great thanks to Máximo Cuadros Ortiz from 
Spain. Compared with AJAX-supported Columns view TemplaVoila is glumsy.

2)It is easy to build AJAX-based frontend editing - in fact Maximo has 
made an alpha-level implementation of it and it really works!

> Is there a way to add the copy & paste functionality?

Ask Robert if he has time to implement it. I can offer you excellent 
frontend editing using the standard page module. But I don't know how I 
could do the same for TemplaVoila.

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