rocky rockyo at max-source.com
Wed Feb 8 12:33:35 CET 2006

tapio wrote:
> rocky wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I used TMENU_LAYERS to make a flyout submenu. It gave me a really 
>> strange behaved menu. I examined the source code and find out there is 
>> a  div something look like this:
>>    <div id="anchorID39a0359056" 
>> style="position:absolute;visibility:hidden;">
>> automatically generated by typo3. Is that possible someone could give 
>> me a hint where to change the behavior of this div or even change it 
>> into span.
> Why you would change the behavior? The behavior is controlled normally 
> setting properties in TS templates. Why span - might cause unexpected 
> behaviour.

Because the div streched my menu items away from each other and it looks 
really strange. If I could change this div into span or somthing else, I 
would be able to shorten the space made by this invisible div.

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