[TYPO3] categorization for tt_content pages

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Tue Feb 7 21:41:16 CET 2006

oneilch wrote:
> What is the best way to create categorization for
> tt_content pages so that they can be used to created
> specifically sorted list – utilizing the ext
> gst_topcontent  and gst_selectpro or some other typo3
> ext that is better that I am not aware of. 

Maybe categorization is an issue to sit down and think carefully what to 
do. I tested once smile_categorization, which was partially quite ok.
I can't use it because it conflicts with my extension (becase it use 

The most serious problem was missing *module*. In order to have good
categorization there should be module like 'Info', where it would be 
possible at *site level* to set every page categories, which could be 
picked from category list. In principle not at all impossible task.
This is an issue of 'dev' team - but maybe few people really want it.

If people would like to have categorization the implementation should be 
done proper way.

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