[TYPO3] Help with mg_help

Morgan Curley morgancurley11 at aol.com
Tue Feb 7 17:15:51 CET 2006

Does anyone have a working install of mg_help?
I have tried with the 2 latest versions 1.0.4 and 1.1.0 and have had no
luck with either.
So far - Installed extension and dependencies.
Created sysfolder 'helpdesk' and 1 category "Default Category"
Configured the plugin to start at helpdesk, use my Web Production group
as admins, adminis can see all users tickets, page is set to no cache,.

When I try to create a ticket the ticket is REGISTERED and I cannot
change that.
If I directlyAdd an event when I create the ticket then it is OPEN but
all I can do from there is viewjobs, and view the ticket - I can't see
the event, delete, edit or close the ticket or reassign it.

I have been reviewing the documentation for a few days while trying to
implement this and have hit a wall - any leads are appreciated.


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