[TYPO3] News articles with realURL

Michael Nardell miken at inetworld.net
Tue Feb 7 01:19:25 CET 2006

Oh hey..sorry about the rather stupid question:
> I would like to add a News article page to my site. I am currently 
> reviewing NewsFlexible and News. Since I expect to publish my site as 
> static HTML, I would like to use a news article extension that 
> cooperates with the realURL extension (ideally I would like the articles 
> to aquire a url that contains the creation date, something like 
> news_2006_02_06.html)
> Is this possible with any of the available news extensions?
> Thanks!
> Mike
There is rather good discussion of this issue in the documentation for 
the News extension.. I ras reading  the documentation by flashlight on a 
camping trip this weekend. That is my only excuse for asking such a 
poorly researched  question.

My only question would be.. does NewsFlexible have any equivalent 

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