[TYPO3] rtehtmlArea error

Michael Nardell miken at inetworld.net
Mon Feb 6 22:49:04 CET 2006

Hi :: I have just started looking at the rtehtmlarea extension (I think 
it comes bundled with the T3 version 4)

I get an error when I try to use the rtehtmlarea to add a link -  A 
pop-up box appears with the following preamble:

----------ERROR IN POP_UP START-----------------------------------------
Error in init.php: Path to TYPO3 main dir could not be resolved correctly.

This happens if the last 6 characters of this path, , (\$temp_path) is 
NOT "typo3/" for some reason.
You may have a strange server configuration. Or maybe you didn't set 
constant TYPO3_MOD_PATH in your module?
If you expect any help from anybody on this issue, you should save this 
page as an html document and send it along with your request for help!

     [TYPO3_OS] =>
     [PATH_thisScript] => 
     [php_sapi_name()] => apache2handler
     [TYPO3_MOD_PATH] => ext/rtehtmlarea/
----------ERROR IN POP_UP END----------------------------------------
Well actually a bunch of status info follows...

I noticed that there was a discussion of this issue on this list from 
7-12-2005. However the advice provided in that discussion (changing the 
file permission mask) did not fix the problem for me...



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