[TYPO3] database relation bug in 3.8 kickstarter?

Kahlil Lechelt k.lechelt at gmx.de
Mon Feb 6 16:31:40 CET 2006


It seems like i am not able to create a table with a db relation with 
the kickstarter in the new typo version 3.8.

My problem is really simple.

I have one table 	tx_myext_artistes
and one table 		tx_myext_groups

artistes has the fields name and group and group is a database relation 
to the tx_myext_groups-table

tx_myext_groups only has the field name.

the tx_myext_artistes-table doesnt geht created and i get those errors 
in the backend:

"Table error!
Probably one or more required fields/tables are missing in the database!"


"Some tables or fields are of wrong type!"

Am I not seeing something or is there a bug in the kickstarter?
I did a similar thing with version 3.7 and it worked fine...

Best regards,

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