[TYPO3] Hiding Variables with RealURL

Sven Wagenhöfer sven.wagenhoefer at pocketbrain.de
Mon Feb 6 15:33:19 CET 2006


>> As far as I understand the manual, when I use fixedPostVars, the GET
>> parameters are still in the speaking URL - and this I do not want ;-) I
>> want to get completely rid of them, so they don't show at all.
> You need to specify GETvar (define parameter there) and valueDefault but
> do not set valueMap, noMatch and lookUpTable (they must not appear at
> all!). This way realurl should just use valueDefault all the time on
> that specific page.
> Disclamer: I have not tried this myself, this is my understanding of the
> process :)

Well, even with defaultValue the Get-Parameter is still in the Path - 
and not hiding. I think I'll have to grab the Extension and change it, 
so that it does not include this damn backid anymore ;-)

Thanks for your help Dmitry!


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