[TYPO3] // Show disable RTE checkbox

Tyler Kraft headhunterxiii at yahoo.ca
Mon Feb 6 10:51:27 CET 2006

>>>> The other box, which is located *beneath* the form, just below the
>>>> option "Show field descriptions"
> Would it be reasonable to give the possibility to hide this field too.
> I descriptions are in English they are useful for people, whose English 
> is not very good.
> disableFiedDescription=1 would cause that there would not be that 
> checkbox at all!

I think that the bottom three checkboxs should be made to be 
configurible for user/group set up. That way they can be removed from 
users BE.  That way I could avoid having my BE users enter raw html by 
disabling the RTE, always set so that field descriptions are on, and 
also always have the secondary field options set as on for some users.

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