[TYPO3] Central Contact Repository with tt_address?

Staas, Markus (IWMI) m.staas at cgiar.org
Mon Feb 6 06:41:35 CET 2006

Hi List,

I want to use tt_Address to set up a CENTRAL contact repository.

That means:

I will store all my contacts on one page and call the contacts needed
with tt_address on another page.

The problem:

Whenever I use the plugin it always show all contacts in that one
repository and it does not seem to offer the functionality that I can
pull out just specific contacts:

Lets say I have the following contacts in my tt_Address page:

1. Miller
2. Smith
3. Doe

And I want to just display Miller and Doe on another page it will also
always display Smith as well.

Can anyone tell me here how I could achieve this functionality using
tt_address (Any CODES that I have to put in) or if there is another way
doing this with other extensions? I searched through the TER and also on
Google but could not find any solutions.

Thank you very much for your help!!



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