[TYPO3] // Show disable RTE checkbox

tapio tapio.markula at dnainternet.net
Sun Feb 5 22:35:42 CET 2006

S. Teuber wrote:
> Hi tapio,
>>>The best approach to hiding any field in any TCEform - including the 
>>>"disable RTE" checkbox - is making that field an "enableField" in the
>>>TCA, isn't it? You don't even need to modify the core to do that,
>>>since you can alter the TCA for tt_content in any extension.

> Yes, of course. The TCA-Options which are set in the core can be over-... 
> uhm. overrided? - can be altered by any extension. TCA options that are 
> set in an extension

That means altering the source code of some extension ext_tables.php, if 
I rememember correct. I know that possibility.

I tried to find if there could be some TypoScript to do that without
any changes to source code of any plugin. But it seemst that there is not.

I added to 'tm_contentaccess' possibility to set this using extended 
TypoScript because I didn't find any existing TypoScript for that.

> Just loadTCA('tt_content'), debug($TCA['tt_content']) and search for the 
> field in question. Override it by setting the new value in the array.

that could be reasonable way to put them into extension

> By the way, it just occured to me that there are TWO checkboxes to 
> disable the RTE in the backend. I am speaking of the checkbox that's 
> located right below the RTE itself in the TCEform.

that belongs to TCA-setting

> The other box, which is located *beneath* the form, just below the option 
> "Show field descriptions", is a completly different story, I guess...

I mean *that* checkbox - I made for it TypoScript. That checkbox doesn't 
belong at all to TCA - it is rendered by a function, which renders the 
bottom of the view. It seems that I made correct decision putting for 
that extra condition and extended TypoScript in TS Config for users/user 

> Why do we need two similar checkboxes in two different places anyway?

A good question.

>>if that can be done using TypoScript could you give the script?
> For the field that's located in the actual form, it can be done by PHP in 
> the ext_localconf.php file of any extension.

TCA-related setting are AFAIK in ext_tables.php or in tca.php files.

>>Another TCA issue was that
>>'Header' has few pallette option, which are *not* in the
>>Allowed excludefields: list

>>I would like at some way add also 'Aling' 'Link' and 'Date' 
>>intoenableField-list in order to exclude them using

> This can be done as described above, since those are all fields in an 
> TCEform.

Ok. I must do some changes into my plugin and try to redefine some 
TCA-settings. I made a bug report because IMO these should be as default
in 'Allowed excludefields:' list.

> As I said, no TS, but PHP. I guess you know how to set up a minimal 
> extension 

I have modified some TCA-settings even if I'm not very familiar with 
them. I must in this case take account the enableField field settings.

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