[TYPO3] Hiding Variables with RealURL

Sven Wagenhöfer sven.wagenhoefer at pocketbrain.de
Sun Feb 5 22:21:47 CET 2006

Hi Dmitry,

thanks for your quick response!

Dmitry Dulepov wrote:
>> I am trying to "hide" a variable completely - here it is the back-id
>> from the plugin jp_pageteaser (tx_jppageteaser_pi1%5BbackId%5D=23) - so
>> that realurl just trashes it and it won't be displayed. Is this somehow
>> possible?
> Yes, it is possible. I do not have realurl manual around but there is an
> example there. You need fixedPostVars.

As far as I understand the manual, when I use fixedPostVars, the GET 
parameters are still in the speaking URL - and this I do not want ;-) I 
want to get completely rid of them, so they don't show at all.

Just another short example:
Instead of foor/bar/foo.html?tx_jppageteaser_pi1%5BbackId%5D=25 I just 
want foo/bar/foo.html as Link.

Yes, a better way would be to remove this damn back-id, but I have found 
no way to do this but to edit the extensions PHP, which I'd rather not 
do in case there is an update needed.



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