[TYPO3] rtehtmlarea BE: old records missing text.

Eric Blom ericb at piap.com
Sat Feb 4 06:12:46 CET 2006

For the benefit of others who may find this topic...

I noticed today that rtehtmlarea works in Firefox 1.04 but not Safari  

I guess I'll be using Firefox.


On Jan 7, 2006, at 4:11 PM, Eric Blom wrote:

> Last week I noticed a problem in my back end where text boxes were
> plain text, no rtehtmlarea. I also didn't see the "disable rich text
> editor (RTE) check box any more. It had been several weeks since I
> had messed with Typo3 and couldn't remember any changes since I last
> saw it work. To day I noticed a version 1.10 of rtehtmlarea was
> available, so, I figured I would try upgrading. To my suprise I now
> see the "disable rich text editor" check box and I see the actually
> editor appear. However, the text for my old records does not so up in
> the editor. When I disable rich text editor I see the text again.
> The only strange thing, to me, is that even when rtehtmlarea was not
> appearing in the back end I did see it in the front end on my front
> end news submission page.
> Any ideas on how I get rtehtmlarea to work again with my old records?
> Thank you,
> Eric
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