[TYPO3] rtehtmlarea content links and config.linkVars

Andres Toomsalu andres at active.ee
Fri Feb 3 14:35:55 CET 2006


I'm having problem with multilanguage setup and links that are inserted 
through rtehtmlarea - these links are missing &L=X language parameter, 
so links are wrong when displaying different language page than default. 
Is it some kind of bug or any clues how to fix that or I'm missing 
something obvious in configuring typo3?

Other content links have language parameter correctly set - like header 
with link for example - so standard language config in template should 
be ok.

config.linkVars = L
config.sys_language_uid = 0
config.language = et
config.locale_all = et_EE
config.metaCharset = iso-8859-4
config.renderCharset = iso-8859-4
[globalVar = GP:L =1]
config.sys_language_uid = 1
config.language = en
config.locale_all = en_UK
config.metaCharset = iso-8859-1
config.renderCharset = iso-8859-1

Best Regards,

Andres Toomsalu, andres at active.ee
juhataja - general manager, OÜ Active Systems
Lille 4-205, Pärnu 80041, phone +372 44 70 595
GSM +372 56 496 124, IM: frame at jabber.org

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