[TYPO3] print - news - real_url

Patrik Bergvall patrik.bergvall at bib.hh.se
Fri Feb 3 09:42:17 CET 2006


I´ve been fiddeling with the real_url ext. and it seems to work but I  
have some problems.

I´m using this setup for my print function and it works fine for  
printing news etc. without the real_url ext.

I´ve seen several examples how to configure the tt_news with type=98  
in localconf.php.

But I can´t figure out what I should put in the localconf.php in  
order for the news to be sent
to the print page.

with the print setup I use.

lib.print_url = TEXT
lib.print_url.value = <img src="fileadmin/media/images/gif/ 
printing.gif" alt="printer friendly" border="0">
lib.print_url.typolink {
parameter = {page:uid}
parameter.insertData = 1

addQueryString = 1

no_cache = 1
additionalParams = &print=1
additionalParams.insertData = register:SWORD_PARAMS

Also, it seems that the page aliases I have are ignored when having  
real_url activated.

Is this as it should be or should it be possible to use page aliases  
even with real_url activated.

Any feedback is greatly appreciated!

//Patrik :-))

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