[TYPO3] Extending FE session timeout

Steven Bagshaw steven.bagshaw at unv.org
Thu Feb 2 15:51:45 CET 2006

Hi All,

I would like my FE users to have their logins last for a week or two after
logging in.

I modified the value in localconf.php/install tool to

$TYPO3_CONF_VARS["FE"]["lifetime"] = '604800'; //i.e. 1 week

But the sessions will only last for 100 minutes. I tried hacking the value
$auth_timeout_field directly in tslib_feuserauth to be longer (current value
= 6000; 100 minutes). This seemed to have some effect, although the login
did not last a whole week. Perhaps this is some other value kicking in.

Anyway, can anyone provide some advice on why the [FE][lifetime] is not
respected? And how to get around it.

Here is my setup

sr_feuser_register 2.2.1
newloginbox 2.2.9
kb_md5fepw 0.3.0
Typo3 3.8

I am using MD5 passwords (which I have read means I cannot use

Thanks for any help!

Steven Bagshaw

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