[TYPO3] Photo doesn't show up with photoblog ext

Jack Hansen jack at danvian.lv
Thu Feb 2 10:55:24 CET 2006

Hi Patrick,

I am so glad that I am not the only one with this issue.

I forgot to write my specs.

Typo3: 3.8
TV: 0.4.0
Image Magick: 5.5.6


> I have installed the photoblog ext on a test site and followed the manual
> very strict, but the photo itself doesn't show up.

Hi Jack,

Your post got me interested in trying out this extension but I run into 
the same problem...
Here are my specs:
typo3 4.0b2
TV 0.5.0

I think I followed the manual:
Created blog page (and archive and comments) and added a photoblog set 
to show the Blog.
Created sysfolder and added some test entries (photos and categories)
Added static Photoblog template

As a result I have a blanc page...

Anyone out there succeeded in getting this to work or am I (are we) so 
blind we can't see the problem...?

Thanks for any hint,

Patrick Scholman

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