[TYPO3] Extension manager, import Extensions side empty (Downlaod/Upgrade Extensions).

Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at fm-world.ru
Thu Feb 2 10:39:51 CET 2006


Stefan Sabolowitsch wrote:
>Hi (privjet) Dmitry


>> New TER may be finally?
> What means that?
> a) new TER does not co-operate with version 3.7(8),
>    or parameters must be changed here
> b) there is at present no TER, neither old nor new
> c) from old TER becomes new TER
> Can someone bring something light into the dark? ;-)

It was only a guess :) Robert told he is going to put new TER online in
a couple of weeks, so I guessed that it may be a new TER. If I remember
correctly, TER2 will use different ways to communicate with typo3. I am
not sure how old installations will work.

If not new TER, it can be just a problem on ter.typo3.org.


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