[TYPO3] multilanguege portal - different menu

Matyi Gábor gmatyi at freemail.hu
Wed Feb 1 18:51:26 CET 2006


I have a multilanguage portal, but not all of the page are translated to every 
language. My problem, that if a page is not translated, I see its menu on the 
translated page. If I create the translation, and I check the page is 
disabled, I see the non translated menu ite. Instead of it I dont like to see 
the this menu item.

F.e. inside the "About us" there are a page item f.e. "Mail-list", but on the 
translated page "Über uns" this Mail-list is not exist. In this case I don't 
like to see the "Mail-list" link on the "Über uns" page.


Gabor Matyi

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