[TYPO3] static menu images not appearing in typo3temp/menu

Dylan Barwick info at tiptoptoons.com
Wed Feb 1 16:49:19 CET 2006

Hello all,

I've been wasting a few hours trying to figure out why my horizontal 
graphics menu isn't working. It's a fairly straightforward piece of 
work as the following code snippet demonstrates...

+(From the SetUp field in the template)
# NAV101 cObject
temp.NAV101 = HMENU
temp.NAV101.entryLevel = {$nav1EntryLevel}

temp.NAV101.1 = GMENU
temp.NAV101.1.begin = 1
temp.NAV101.1.maxItems = 1
temp.NAV101.1.NO {
   wrap = <td>|</td>
   XY = [4.w]+50, [4.h]+20
   format = jpg
   4 = IMAGE
   4.file = {$navImagesPath}l_home.jpg

temp.NAV101.1.RO < temp.NAV101.1.NO
temp.NAV101.1.RO = 1
temp.NAV101.1.RO {
  4.file = {$navImagesPath}l_home_f2.jpg
temp.NAV101.1.ACT < temp.NAV101.1.RO
temp.NAV101.1.ACT = 1
(there are 8 more similar links after this, NAV102, NAV103 etc)

This exact same code worked perfectly on a different server but it 
refuses to work now. The variable {$navImagesPath} is set up in the 
constants field and, in this case, is 

The HTML for the images looks like this...

img1_4686_0_n=new Image(); img1_4686_0_n.src = 
img1_4686_0_h=new Image(); img1_4686_0_h.src = 


<td><a href="index.php?id=1" onfocus="blurLink(this);" 
src="typo3temp/menu/95d61c4236.jpg" width="50" height="20" border="0" 
alt="Lucita home page" name="img1_4686_0" /></a></td>

When I look in the typo3temp/menu directory it is empty. The code works 
in that it finds the page to link to and renders the table tags and the 
href, it's just the image that fails to appear.

The directory permissions are all 0777 and I don't get any error 
messages (at least none that I can see) and I'm completely baffled.

Am I missing something really simple?

Many thanks for any help offered,


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