Dmitry Dulepov typo3 at fm-world.ru
Wed Feb 1 08:02:21 CET 2006


tapio wrote:
> Dmitry, I have got once this kind of answer too. I don't remember
> who answered at this way, but this seemed insulting.
> I really tried to learn Typo3 and answer like your make me wery upset.
> It hirted.

Well, this is not my problem if one asks here but do not even read
tutorial first. It is a problem when list is spoiled with such
questions. Answers can be easily found in the Getting Started, TV manual
or TypoScript by example. It is simply laziness of people, nothing more.

I could answer if Gladenko used "field" type properly but did not know
how it operates in TV. This is advanced and I would be happy to answer
this. But he even did not look to TSRef. He invented properties for
CONTENT and TEXT himself and expected them to work. He did not bother to
check in TSRef if they even exist. Do you expect me to quote various
places from TSRef here? This list is not for quoting TSRef.

Its just like cooking: you have to know how to do it. At least basics.
You cannot simply throw chicken with cellophane into oven, add a little
sugar and get a delicious food. You have to read cooking instructions at

> Dmitry, do you enjoy hurting people? You have done that toward me.
> And you behave at the same way towards Gladendo. How many people
> you have personally hurted in this and dev list. Is *this* nice behavior
>  in public mailing lists, which should be community, who tries to help
> its members.

I am trying to help but do to those who ask about "Hello, world"-type
things. They are very well described in the manual. And typo3 is
especially good in documenting "Hello, world!"-type things. One may
complain about missing advanced docs but not about tutorials.

> You have kicked me off from the dev list. I don't let you kick me off
> from this list and I don't want that you kick off people from this or
> other lists with your hurting comments.

Not me. You were "kicked of" because you spammed "dev" list with huge
amount of moans about how bad is typo3. Most of them were due to your
lack of knowledge, which you did not try to improve. You just kept
moaning, complaining. Just like someone owed to you something. You never
contributed anything, only moaned. You went to typo3 home and started
saying how bad it is. It was rude, offending and boring. So you were
"kicked off". From that moment no one there likes you.

> If this hurting and insulting behavior continues, I continue this topic
> in the OFF TOPIC list.

Go on. I am going to ignore you starting from now. Just as Michael
Stucki and many other people do.

> I tell matters strait - sometime too strait. I don't want to hurt
> somebody personally. You you Dmitry try stopping hurting people?

You want me to care too much about you. But you never cared about others
in these lists. What you give is what you get back. Remember this for

I always try to help people as much as I can. But only to those who
really need it.

Bye, tapio.


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