[TYPO3] New community extension

Andreas Balzer eMail at andreas-balzer.de
Sun Apr 30 23:48:13 CEST 2006

Kevin Renskers schrieb:
> Hi list,
> For the last two weeks I have been working on a new Community extension 
> (hoicommunity). It's kinda like loginbox_macmade, sr_feuser_register and 
> cwt_community (and its dependencies) all in one, but now you only need 
> one extension to offer a complete community solution.
> Features/pros:
> -One extension for loggin in, creating accounts, editing profiles, 
> sending each other messages, a buddylist and so on. And all these 
> features are better integrated with each other because now it is just 
> one extension!
> -A password-strength checker when creating account and changing 
> passwords, Hotmail style.
> -A list of all and all online users.
> -Uses a nice Javascript calendar to enter birthdates. No more yyy-mm-dd 
> input fields!
> -It uses templates, css and locallang.xml for complete control.
> -Valid XHTML, unlike the other extensions mentioned.
> -Community administration in the fontend: assign a usergroup that has 
> 'admin' rights and they can edit all profiles.
> -It uses the prototype.js AJAX library for some features and nice effects.
> -There were a lot of bugs in cwt_community concerning escaping quotes, 
> this extension won't have problems like that (at least I hope so haha).
> -Emoticons: strings in messages and profiles will be replaced with images.
> The first public version is added to the TER just now. Key: 
> hoicommunity. It's not 100% finished now. Planned for next version / 
> what is missing now:
> -You can assign a special 'vip'-like group that has extra features. This 
> is already finished, but there extra features still have to be made. I 
> am thinking about a photoalbum and BB code to beautify your profile.
> -Search users
> -Birthday reminders of your buddies
> -The ability to upload pictures and change your username
> -Admin should be able to change someone's usergroup in the frontend
> -A bar that shows all emoticons, click on them to insert them into a 
> message or your profile
> ...and probably more :)
> It's pretty usable now, and as said, there is more to come soon (within 
> a couple of days). If you have requests, comments or suggestions, let me 
> know! There is no documentation right now, but if you know cwt_community 
> it should be pretty clear. Also the constant editor is a big help!
> It has no support for hooks and stuff like that, so if you need that 
> just talk to me.
> I'll keep you posted.
> Regards,
> Kevin Renskers
Sounds great!
I only have one big question: Is it compatible with cwt_community. 
Exactly: What to do to update from cwt? Can it be integrated into the 


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