[TYPO3] stdWrap.field lacks stdWrap-Option - any alternative?

Thorsten Kahler thorsten.kahler at dkd.de
Fri Apr 28 15:51:30 CEST 2006

Hi folks,

I just was about to write a little foreach loop in TS but came across a
missing feature of stdWrap.field. You have to set the value of stdWrap's
"field" option statically and there's no possibility to set it to a custom
value. Same for the alternative syntax "stdWrap.data = field : <fieldName>".

Does anyone of you know about a different solution for this problem?

My current code (should) looks like

temp.myObject = TEXT
temp.myObject {
	value = field_1|field_2|field_3|field_4
	split {
		token = |
		cObjNum = 1
		1 = TEXT
		1 {
			prepend = TEXT
			prepend.current = 1
			prepend.noTrimWrap = |Field "|" contains: |
# not working:
			field.current = 1

and here an option is to make temp.myObject a COA. But of course this is not
an option if the content value of temp.myObject was set dynamically (e.g.
temp.myObject.field = layout)

I would be happy if anyone of you knew a dynamic alternative.


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