[TYPO3] The RTE (or something else?) is translating my formatting tags to < xxx>

Hasse Feldthaus hasse at ebisu.dk
Fri Apr 28 13:19:51 CEST 2006

Hey typo3 sharks...


I have a strange problem.


I have made a typo3 site with some 20 pages.

Most of the pages have text elements. But for some weird reason, in some of
the pages all my formatting tags are translated, so they show up on the
final page, instead of just changing the formatting.


if I look at the code in the RTE it looks fine, but in the final page, some
of the "<" and ">"'s are translated to "&lt;" and "&gt;".

As far as I can tell it happens for all headings, bold, italic and such
formatting tags (...but again only on the pages that goes wrong), while the
a-tag seems to work fine everywhere.


I can't really see a pattern of which pages goes wrong, other than
childpages of a wrong page tend to be wrong too. I have 3 different html
templates for the pages, but both the wrong and the right pages are
representing all 3 html templates.


Can anybody figure out what is happening?


)-:H at zze


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