[TYPO3] Persian/Farsi website with Typo3

Sven Albert-Pedersen alfa-x at web.de
Fri Apr 28 10:40:32 CEST 2006


is there anyone, who has already made a Website in Persian/Farsi language
with Typo3.

My problem is, that the persian letters are not displayed in the backend's
form field's after saving. So editing afterwards would be quite difficult.

Another problem is, that the persian writing is just displayed in the
frontend, if I put in the text in a German (maybe also English) backend. If
put it in having backend language set to persian, I get completely nonsense.
--> http://web103.arescontrol.de/index.php?id=4

this page is just for testing puposes and does not have any layout.

If anyone could help me with some hints, I'd be very glad.


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