[TYPO3] Workspace - versioning - live/draft version

Marlies C marliesc_spam at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 27 21:01:52 CEST 2006

Marlies C wrote:
> Hi Raouf,
> Here is a link to my first draft of a tutorial about workspaces without 
> modifications or creating a custom workspace. I am currently working on 
> this tutorial and should be able to upload the final version today or 
> tomorrow.
> http://www.mcuniverse.com/05/Workspace_Typ.1239.0.html
> I am also working on a tutorial for custom workspaces. All the 
> information is based on a German tutorial I found here:
> http://www.contratec.de/typo3-content-management-system/v4x-workspaces-und-workflow.html 
> Regards,
> Marlies
> www.mcuniverse.com

I have just finished my final version of the introduction to the 
workspace tutorial. It is available as a WINK Flash tutorial or as a PDF 
file. WINK has just come out with version 2 and wow, now creating 
animated tutorials has just become much easier.
Here is the link to the tutorial: 


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