[TYPO3] Serious access problem, looks simple but still

Oliver Schröder typo3 at oliverschroeder.de
Thu Apr 27 17:45:31 CEST 2006

Vlatko Šurlan schrieb:
> I have created a page tree using administrator account. I also created a 
> group 'editors' with two other users as well as administrator belonging 
> to it. 'editors' is also the only existing group on the system.
> Then I created some content on the pages using administrator account. 
> However when I login as one of the other two users they can see the 
> pagetree but not the content on it.
> I also tried making one of the other two users the owner of the root 
> page and I still cannot set the page content. The access privileges for 
> the group for all pages is set to +++-+.
> Dmitry Dulepov asked if the two other users can access the tt_content, 
> but I do not know where to check that?
> Thanks in advance.

When editing the group 'editors' check the checkbox 'Include Access 
Lists'. If the entry 'Page' is selected in the lists 'Tables (listing)' 
and 'Tables (modify)' then that group can access tt_content.


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