[TYPO3] link between domains problem

Klaus Hinum k_hinum at hotmail.com
Thu Apr 27 11:52:02 CEST 2006

Klaus Hinum schrieb:
> hi group
> i use two different page-trees for different subdomains.
> when i want to link between the subdomains, i use the "external URL" 
> feature of the RTE. Since Typo3 4.0 the domain name is capped and the 
> links does not work anymore.
> e.g.
> on test.abc.com a link to http://www.abc.com/123.html
> is getting
> 123.html in the output and therefore linking to 
> http://test.abc.com/123.html -> wrong
> please help!
> regards klaus

or in other words why is it not possible (or what are the wrong 
preferences on my installation) to link between two pages, that belong 
to different domains and just select the page and typo3 adds the CORRECT 
(not like now the current) domain?

typo3 bug?

regards klaus

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